• Welcome to the SENtient  Trust

    We are a Co-operative Trust of all the special schools in Devon: Barley Lane, Bidwell Brook,

      Ellen Tinkham, Lampard, Marland, Mill Water, Oaklands Park, Pathfield, Ratcliffe and Southbrook.

    We believe that all our students deserve to have the same chances and opportunities as children in mainstream schools and we work closely with our partners Atkinson Unit, Devon County Council and the Co-operative College, to achieve this.

    Our vision is that every learner will be empowered and enabled to lead an independent, healthy and fulfilling life and we are keen to work with other organisations who share our aims and philosophy.

    Carolyn Purslow

    Chair – Sentient Trust

  • All the SENtient schools offer outreach support to Devon schools

    If you are a Devon School please contact one of the special schools who will be able to discuss your

    requirements and how they can assist, or if necessary, put you in touch with a colleague from another school.

    We are also developing a portfolio of services specifically focused on teaching and learning.

    If you would like to discuss specific requirements please contact us via the contact page.

    Sue Smith

    Vice Chair – Sentient Trust

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And Our Other Partners are:

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To contact us, please email sentientdevon@gmail.com. or see our Contact us page or follow the links on Our schools

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